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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Once we have your images and audio it will take between 2-7 working days. You will be given an estimated dispatch date and delivery at the checkout and can monitor an orders progress at any time from your account.

What are my delivery options?

Delivery options and details are given at the checkout once depending on your cart and location. We can arrange tracked or economy shipping as you wish. To find out which global partner your country uses check Here although for International Framed orders we often use UPS or similar.

What are the image requirements?

We’re happy to print whatever we’re sent, but we do have amazing print technology so naturally the higher the quality of the source file, the better the record will look. If possible try to  avoid using images from social media instead of originals due to the compression these online platforms use. 

Can i cut my own music to vinyl, or just music i like?

Both! You can upload your own music, upload commercial music you have purchased, or you can simply request commercial music and if it’s available we’ll obtain and license it for you. Music by other artists is fine so long as it’s on the PRS/MCPS database and is for private use, not re-sale.

You can use a combination of file uploads, and music requests to fill your record, but please do not exceed the maximum time for that record, or it may cause delays with your order.

NOTE we cannot use copyrighted artwork, but we can cut a lot of your favourite music along with your own images. If you want to check if a track is available you can request via the contact form at the bottom of the website.

Should i send my music in Mastered or Non-Mastered format?

If you are unsure which will translate best, please send both and we can choose which one to optimize for vinyl – but please be sure to add a note so we understand that you don’t want the same tracks cut twice 🙂

If i'm not satisfied with my order what can i do?

We’re confident our products are excellent quality from a physical and audible perspective. If there appears to be an issue please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of the website.

My vinyl record sounds like the music is slow - help me?

We hear this often. It’s because we cut all our records at 45rpm by default, not 33rpm. You just need to change the speed of your player. The reason we cut at 45rpm is for higher fidelity sound.

What goes on side B?

Side B is smooth matt white layer which can be written on with a soft marker.

How much can i fit on a record?

Maximum recording times are displayed on the product pages. Please avoid exceeding the maximum times or it may cause delays with your order.

Do you offer sponsorship or affiliation?

We love working with other creative folk as much as we can when possible. If you think you have a project that may be of interest to us please get in touch via the contact form at the bottom of the website.

If you still have unanswered questions and have also checked the product pages, please feel free to get in touch at the bottom of the website.