Custom Picture Disc Vinyl

Upload your images and audio files and create your record how you want it to look and sound – we’ll make it happen and send it to you in around 5 working days. VinylArt co is run by experts in audio mastering and fine art printing with over 15 years experience – our products are built in house from the highest quality materials available made to last a lifetime. We guarantee our records sound awesome and look great or we’ll replace them – Marshall and Walters.



Vinyl + Sleeve







Vinyl + Frame




















1.  Image

Upload and place your image, or import one from Instagram or Facebook



2. Frame

Choose from eight different frame styles or a card sleeve



3. Sounds

Upload or link your audio or name a track for us to cut to vinyl



4. Delivery

We create and dispatch from our UK workshop in around 7 days and ship internationally





Super Resolution Printing

•  HDR ultra-wide colour spectrum

•  Durable and fade resistant UV inks

•  Free optimisation and colour matching

•  Upload images from social media




Made to Last a Lifetime

•  Quality vinyl that play again and again

•  Licensed to cut over 22 million tracks

•  DJ friendly records with deep cut grooves

•  Professional audio mastering included




Functional Frames

•  Choose from 8 style options

•  Near invisible UV protected glass

•  Exclusive magnetic load & eject system

•  Individually hand-crafted in our workshop




  • 4 star review  The picture disc is GORGEOUS! I mean, it's me and my wife kissing at our wedding, so it was already damn good-looking, but the glassy surface is just beautiful! And it sounds great too, I knew there'd be a little noise but this sounds beyond my expectations. This is my anniversary gift to my wife this year, with 2 of "our songs" on it. Now I can tell my wife I'm giving her my 10" tonight and actually mean it! Great job, VinylArtCo! Would definitely order again. My ONLY suggestion would be to add a run-out groove. It sounds horrible when the songs are done and a run-out groove would make it much easier to pop something like this on, start with the making out from it being so romantic, and just be able to go down the hall knowing my stylus would auto-return. 🙂 Even without that feature I'd still order again!

    thumb Eric Tomme

    5 star review  My intent was to archive some old recordings, and vinyl is the most stable medium available for long term storage. I ordered a 12" picture disc.. The material I sent was taken from a damaged 60 year old recording. I'm more than impressed with the disc I received. The sound quality is smooth, clear, and sounded better than what I submitted. If you're concerned about the sound quality of a picture disc, don't be. There is no compromise here. The image does not interfere with the quality of vinyl. The sound and groove quality is top notch, and the image is clear and vibrant. The product is amazing, the price is more than reasonable, and turnaround time was quick, even when ordering over seas. Thank you VinylArt! You product and service was far beyond my expectatons. I have more projects coming your way!

    thumb Dennis Mahoney

    5 star review  Y’all Are Amazing!! Best Birthday Present Ever! My fiancé got me the 10” vinyl with one of our engagement photos on it and it is awesome!! The three songs sound great and the photo quality is fantastic ! Could not have asked for a better gift!! Thank you guys! 10/10 would recommend

    thumb Anastasia Johns
  • 5 star review  Amazing result and customer service. Definitely won't be my last order.

    thumb Giles Preene

    5 star review  Absolutely brilliant! My record is amazing - can't believe how cool it is! Thank you so much. Highly recommended!

    thumb Ian Tovell

    5 star review  the best way to perpetual vinyl

    thumb Benamix Benjamin Tanquart
  • 5 star review  TOPS ALL THE WAY AROUND! Can't wait for a double sided 10" or 12" option!!

    thumb John Hernandez

    5 star review  I ordered a record on a Saturday, requested the three songs I wanted and I received a bloody brilliant record on the following Friday. This is such an easy service and the quality of the record is top. I'll be ordering again.

    thumb Colin Haynes

    5 star review  The stuff at VinylArt Co are service monsters and extremely friendly to their customers. I experienced a problem with my order, however they will send me a new one for free. Thanks! Just to know, as vinyl fan VinylArt Co is the best way to make your own vinyl. A vinyl from VinylArt Co is one of the best surprises someone can ever make to his loved ones. # vinylartco10inch Thanks VinylArt Co, Huma Huma

    thumb Huma Huma
  • 5 star review  Had a 10" vinyl pressed and I can't fault the quality at all. Heavy weight vinyl, sharp image, sound reproduction is crystal. Quick delivery and professional service. Can't wait to place future orders. Buy with confidence!

    thumb Paul Salmon

    5 star review  I have had three made to measure picture disks And I am very happy thanks guys I notice the arm does not return after playing That's a shame but not what I would call a problem. Thanks again !!

    thumb Robert Chandler

    5 star review  Had a framed 7" done for valentine's day with an old engagement photo and the first song my wife ever bought me cut on it, extremely pleased with the results and quick turnaround/delivery !

    thumb Martin Arscott
  • 5 star review  Fantastic company. Such a great idea. Ordered two 7" picture discs of my kids for Mother's day with their favourite tracks on each and completely satisfied with the result. Highly recommend for a unique and totally unexpected gift that will completely blow the recipient away AAA+++☆☆☆☆☆

    thumb Adam James Seth-Ward

    5 star review  very good ,special moment... please....vinyl my passion. congratulations.

    thumb Gerson Dantas

    5 star review  Massive thanks to the guys at VinylArt for such an incredible service. Not only did they talk me through each step, like optimum file formats or image scaling and resolution, but they made a 40 year old tape recording sound incredibly clear, as if it was performed last week! I ordered on a Wednesday and had both framed vinyls in my hands that Friday. Amazing, and I cannot thank them enough. Highly recommend these guys, and I'll be ordering from them again soon I'm sure!

    thumb Chris Lledrod Evans
  • 5 star review  I was so touched to receive my very own vinyl for my birthday this year. My dad was a talented singer and guitarist, and loved to perform with his band in pubs across South Wales. I didn’t think I would hear his voice again, but my amazing partner managed to track down an old recording, and the lovely guys at Vinyl Art have made something that I can truly cherish forever. Such a beautiful idea and an amazing surprise! Thank you so much!! xxx

    thumb Rhiann Elizabeth

    5 star review  It turned out amazing! This is a really cool Company!

    thumb Carl Contevita

    5 star review  Popped up on my news feed and thought I’d give it a go, I now have my own music on my own picture disk. Marvellous 🙂

    thumb Heath Basspig Gifford
  • 5 star review  I had two heart shaped vinyls made and they are such special, unique and personal gifts. I had one made for my husband for valentines day, with our favourite wedding photo and first dance song. I only wish I had an audio recording of the speeches which would have been great to put on there. The other one was for my friend as I was bridesmaid at her wedding and she loved it. We will be displaying ours in a frame on the wall and ill definitely be recording audio at special events from now on so I can create more of these beautiful gifts �

    thumb Katie Bellaris

    5 star review  Got mine recently and the quality is great, image is sharp and vivid. Thanks

    thumb Kevin Jones

    5 star review  Great result, fantastic.service and fast delivery!�

    thumb Wim Devos
  • 5 star review  I just love it!!! Is an amazing idea good luck with the business guys,you have all my support

    thumb Paolo Vento

    5 star review  Fantastic result, fast & very friendly service. A special thanks to Dan Walters for all the help. (Y) Beats & Greetz from Sweden

    thumb David Kattrup

    5 star review  Awesome product! Great quality and fantastic customer service!

    thumb Alice Malice
  • 5 star review  I got my weird ep pressed to picture disc... � Fantastic service, great quality, thank you so much VinylArt..! �� Highly recommend this companys service for any bedroom producer/DJ... im not even signed but i can get my music made into quality material to play out now.. ��� thanks! 5 star rating from me...�

    thumb Yestyn Rhys Halborg

    5 star review  Beautiful art!! Definitely would recommend for anyone looking for a special gift for a special someone

    thumb Cody L

    5 star review  So pleased with my picture disc, it looks brilliant and sounds great. Great communication too.

    thumb Ian Sawyer

a collage of cosmic sounds and effects on 7 inch 🛰 🚀 🇬🇷 create @ #vinylartco7inch ...

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A special moment captured and cut to a heart-shaped record to keep. Well kept vinyl will last a lifetime. 🚀 🇺🇸 create @ #vinylartcoheart ...

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🌊 🎣 custom 7 inch headed for Connecticut 🚀 create @ #vinylartco7inch ...

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a custom heart shape record with wedding memories - an anniversary gift for a customer here in the UK. create @ #vinylartcoheart ...

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a photography based custom 7 inch for one of our customers up north. #vinylartco7inch create @ ...

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part of a series of 12 inch illustrative recordings for those embarking on new stages in life - by artist Joshua Kobak of NYC #vinylartco12inch create @ ...

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a lovely little hiphop compilation EP for a customer in 🇺🇸 🚀 #vinylartco12inch create @ ...

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a pretty fresh looking record with couple of tracks cut nice and loud for Chilean techno producer Paweldun 🇨🇱 🚀 #vinylartco12inch create @ ...

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actually not a record of storm recordings, but instead an EP of Indie tracks for a customer in Thailand 🚀 🇹🇭 #vinylartco12inch create @ vinylartco/12inch ...

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#Repost @oddvlr with @make_repost ・・・ As you’re reading this, I am marrying the woman of my dreams. I wanted to give her a present before we see each other on our wedding day, and what better gift to get? While this picture disc is mostly for aesthetic, it doesn’t sound bad at all. Hannah has been collecting vinyl for nearly 10 years. Now it is a hobby that we share together, and I love every second of it. • The songs that I chose are meaningful to us in different ways, but one hell of a playlist if you ask me. Violent Soho- Saramona Said Turnover-Dizzy On the Comedown A Day to Remember-Have Faith in Me The Devil Wears Prada-Home For Grave Pt. 2 #vinylartco12inch . . . create @ vinylartco/12inch ...

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part of a series of 8 illustrative records we made for a customer in the states a couple of weeks ago 🇺🇸 create a custom 12” @ #vinylartco12inch ...

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NYC i am on the way 🚀 🇺🇸 create a custom 12” @ #vinylartco12inch ...

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a gift item for our friends in Poland 🇵🇱 🚀 create a custom 12” @ #vinylartco12inch ...

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😂 out to our dutch family 🚀 🇳🇱 create a custom 12” @ #vinylartco12inch ...

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#Repost @skaffastyle with @make_repost ・・・ 1/1 @different_homes - Out in the open EP, produced by the lovely @earthtonick 😘 #DifferentHomes #OutInTheOpen #10inchpicturedisc #picturedisc #10inchvinyl #punk #punkrock #skatepunk #vinylcollection #punkrockvinyl #vinylrecords #nowplaying #nowspinning #vinylartco @vinylartco ...

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#Repost @kylepaytheman with @make_repost ・・・ Cool thing I did for my bro and my sis-in-law’s Paper Anniversary. Got my single “Oh Go On Then” which I wrote for their first dance on Vinyl thanks to @vinylartco. Song is available on @spotify #weddingpresent #vinyl #single #artwork #acousticmusic #supportyourscene #welshmusicscene #wales ...

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#Repost @dnffam with @make_repost ・・・ #repost @dnfshow ・・・ Viva le hardhouse.. shoutout to Sammysam on his first house track pressed on vinyl. Courtesy of @vinylartco • • • #dnfshow #dnfcom #dnf #hardhouse #thisislosangeles #house #vinyl #sammysam #dnfsareuptosomething #propaganda #letsgoletsgo ...

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#Repost @onlyapaprmoon with @make_repost ・・・ 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼my @vinylartco order arrived!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼. I bought this primarily to play, not to look at, although the printing quality is very nice. The quality of the cut is very good, there's no odd frequency peaks or dips like I've had with some other •whispers• more expensive lathe cut jobs (proper lacquer dub plates excepted). It certainly doesn't have the "picture disc rumble and swish" longtime record buyers are all too familiar with. There's a little bit of groove noise evident but to be fair, a) I've got noisier conventional pressed records and b) this is an intimate "girl and her guitar" type recording - see the waveform in pic 3 - so there's nowhere for the noise to hide. On a loud rocking tune you'd probably never notice it. I tried 5 different styli on it and the best by far was an 0.5 mil stylus - just a smidge smaller than a normal stereo stylus to play lower in the groove. Also big thankyous to Nick at Broadwood Music (whose Instagram seems to have gone missing) for transferring a set of ADAT tapes from 19 years ago, without which this track would still be what it was before I sent the tapes to him: forgotten. 📼📼 You've both brought wonderful music by an old friend i've lost touch with back to me and I'll definitely be using your services again. #45rpm #nowplaying #picturedisc #vinylartco7inch ...

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