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Magnetic Frame for 10-inch Vinyl Records


Choose the frame material then backing color.



Custom Magnetic Frame for 10-inch + our Heart-Shaped Vinyl Records

Custom Magnetic Frames

Display and protect your vinyl in our practical solid wood frames with invisible Museum Glass.

Our Frames have been designed for ease of use while promising maximum protection – you can effortlessly retrieve a record from its frame and play it on your record player.

Place your record on the small adapter and simply retrieve the record via a slot at the bottom of the frame. We will match the color of the adapter to the backing.

Thanks to the ultra-clear glass you’ll be able to see your record hanging there in the frame with almost no reflection – it will be as if there is no glass there at all. There’s also UV protection built-in to ensure even in bright rooms your record is protected against fading and sun damage.

We 100% design, manufacture, and finish our frames and all components on-demand in our workshop to ensure maximum consistent quality.

The Process

Once you place your order we allocate the parts for your frame – then we will machine, build, and finish and test your frame to guarantee that it works smoothly right away when you take it out of the box.


Frames are bubbled wrapped and boxed. Rates are calculated when you enter the shipping destination. All orders come with stickers.

Bulk Discount

Of course – when you add 5 or more to the cart you will automatically get a discount, 10+ even more, 25+ even more again.

Still have questions?

No worries – contact us here.

My first time ordering from VinylArt Co where it wasn’t my own music and I wasnt sure what to expect. But they did a great job again! Ordered a 12” record as a gift with 4 songs on it. Want sure if they would have licensing for 2 of the songs being more underground punk/hardcore but the songs were there and sound great! Photo taken almost ten years ago with a Blackberry phone looks great zoomed in and blown up across the record. Of the three records I’ve ordered, this one arrived the quickest! Shocked coming from overseas in this “post”-pandemic slowdown. Secure packaging….I just can’t say enough good things about this company and their product. Can’t wait to give it as a Christmas gift so that I can post about it on social media!

Mikey L. Avatar
Mikey L.

These guys were amazing! They were so patient with me, I mean I must have got on their last nerve with my technological dumb arseary!
The end product was a beautiful, original gift, that made me look super thoughtful! I can't recommend them enough.

Daisy E. Avatar
Daisy E.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 5 cm
Frame Material

Maple, Oak, Walnut

Backing Options

Black, White